1. Have you used this item in the past 6 months?
If not, chances are, that you do not need it any longer. In most cases storing, cleaning, and maintaining an item for extended periods of time comes at a greater expense than finding or replacing it, should you actually need it again. Reevaluate electronic devices in regards to functionality, usefulness, and topicality. If you want to organize your office space quickly, box up everything that has not been used in 6 months for destructionoffsite storage, or recycling.

2. Scan your paperwork 
In the day and age of technology, it does not make sense to keep piles of documents on your desk for later reference. A great way to organize your office quickly is to scan all the paperwork and store it electronically. That way, your office space will be free of physical clutter and the information is still at your fingertips whenever you need it.

3. Designated work spaces
Divide your office into zones serving different purposes. Designate an area for all incoming materials preferably a separate table close to the entrance. This is your "chaotic" section where disorder is allowed. 
Clear space on your desk for you to actually work on, allow here only the files/items you currently need. Leave enough room for documents between the monitor and keyboard. Create barriers with items like clocks, pencil holder, or lamps to define your working area and prevent the clutter from creeping back.

Follow these easy steps to organize your office space for good

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Do you feel your office is never really clean and things are just waiting to cascade back across your desk and clutter up your workspace?

A cluttered office where junk piles up and decade old documents are hoarded is not functional.