​We will scan your paper files according to your indexing needs.
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​We will store boxes of all sizes as well as any non hazardous items that would fit in a 4 x 4 x 8 ft shelf. We will create a searchable indexing list and we will add a storage end date so that you can truly forget about them. You will receive a reminder when we reach this end date. We can pick-up and bring you anything back, anytime you need it. Get a quote now ​

So how does this work?

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I have a regular pick-up but I am not ready for it. Can I skip? 

Yes, you can skip any pick-up and you will not be charged for that particular month. Simply reply "No" to the reminder email the day before the regular service. Keep in mind though that we would have to charge an extra pick-up fee if you need us sooner than your next regularly scheduled pick-up in your area because we would need to make an additional trip for you. Which we would gladly do, we just can't offer it for free.


My bin won't open

Does 2Shred service only businesses? I only have a few boxes
We service every need. We have no minimum for drop offs and a very low minimum for pick-ups. Get a quote

Are clips, folders, binders ok? 

Yes, we will take care of it, no matter what. We will recycle as much as possible.

The shredded paper will be baled and recycled, clips will be recycled with metal, old boxes are gladly given for free to people in need of moving boxes, the rest will be recycled too.


When is the next pick-up in my area?
Contact us via the form above and we will be happy to tell you.

​If you don't like to be told you can always check our weekly updated service schedule. ​We are creatures of habit and service the same route on the same day of the week every month. So if we have serviced you on a Thursday in the past, chances are really high that we will service you on a Thursday the next time we are in your area again.

​Does 2Shred provide containers for purges?

We will provide bins for one time purges or we can establish a regular pick-up routine that meets your needs and exchange the containers for new ones on a regular basis. You can skip pick-ups if your container isn’t full at the time of your scheduled pick-up day. You will only be charged for actual pick-ups, the container itself is free and comes with locks and keys.

Document Destruction:
Do you have a regular need?
     Yes ? Just tell us your location and what bin you want
     No?   We will pick-up asap.

Use our free containers for emptying cabinets, for collection and / or sorting. 
You are more than welcome to drop off at our location.

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