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2Shred's Child Security Freeze Form.

Fill out above form to receive 2Shred's Child's Security Freeze Form

​​You can help shield your child’s credit history with a free security freeze. Access to your child’s credit records will stay “frozen” until you say so, or until your child removes the freeze after reaching the age of 16.

 To place a Child Security Freeze write a hard-copy letter to Equifax (Equifax does not charge a fee for placing a freeze for a child under the age of 16) and request a “protected consumer security freeze.” While you are at it ask for a manual search on your child's name and social security number as well as a fraud alert to be placed.

Include in the body of the letter:
• Name of the person requesting and relationship to the child (parent or guardian)
• Complete name and address of parent or guardian
• Complete name and address of the child
• Signature of requestor

Attach with the letter:
• Certified or official copy of minor child’s birth certificate
• Copy of minor child’s Social Security card
• Copy of parent/guardian’s Social Security card or a certified or official copy of a birth certificate
• Copy of parent/guardian’s driver’s license or other valid government-issued identification OR copy of a bill (such as a utility bill) that shows parent/guardian’s name and home address